Election 2013

A Word from the President Matheoss

Greeting to the Ladoniens Citizens;

I am anxious to thank all those who voted for the evolution of our country. All the candidates who appeared in the optics to guarantee a beautiful future in our nation. Today, you elected a man, but you have before any elected representatives of the ideas. I am nothing without you my citizens. You are the strength of the nation. It is necessary to build the future of today tomorrow. I also congratulate the micronations which I shall soon meet which(who) brought the supports to Ladonia. The Party Monarchical Republic makes a commitment to convey the values of Ladonia. I pass on to transmit you my e-mail: [email protected] to be already closer to my people today. I would answer all your questions.

Thank you again,

President Christopher

News Editor

Ladonia Herald staff writers are citizens of the Royal Republic of Ladonia who donate their time and expertise to help write and edit the news and contribute photos. All writers and editors are vetted by our editorial committee.

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One Comment

  1. Any Nation is nothing without it’s people, agreed. Have a good term of office President Christopher.

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