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One of our candidates for president, Christopher Matheoss, has started his campaign with this message:


For our Nation,

Hello Ladonien, As you know, I appear as president of Ladonia in 2013. I aim at the optics to train with you a better nation. At present I defend the colors of the P.M.R (Party Monarchical République) established by myself, soon 4 months ago. I wish to make closer the people of her Country. He is planned after my election to establish dialogues with three countries to militate against the independence and discuss the ecology and the art. I would suggest to the people joining to participate in the festival of the Nation June 2nd, 2014 (artists, musicians, storekeepers). Furthermore, the optics of the P.M.R is to make more alive Ladonia but also to return the ecological country and in accordance with the nature, for it I am at present in negotiation to build the first ecological house on Ladonia.Afterward, the country aims at creating its own economy, we shall thus develop a system allowing to form a small active life within the nation. I promises to make accessible to those who live far in Ladonia, we shall work above by means of company of travel.We shall revalue citizen’s rights, we shall try to make Ladonia known. We shall delete little by little the folk side, we shall set up webtv, webradio broadcasting information, reports on the Country. A festival of the Art will be born and a day dedicated to the royal family also.


I promises you that together, we shall create the nation of tomorrow!



Christopher Matheoss

Président of P.M.R


E. Nordström

Elsa Nordstrom brings an analytical perspective to her coverage of international law and global politics, and incorporates experiences from around the globe into her writing, drawing parallels and making connections that highlight the global relevance of local issues.

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  1. The PMR conveys of very good idea for Ladonia, the Party Federation is a copy in my gout. Christopher Matheoss is the ideal representant capable of making things happen for Ladonia, of building the future of this microcomputing nation.
    I think that with him some reves will become reality

  2. Theres another party!

    The Federation Party is a Federation of states working together for a common good and better tomorrow. In this case a a better Ladonia, stronger, more independant, more prosperous. I plan a support structure for all Ladonians who want to be a part in Ladonia and throughout the world. Ladonians helping Ladonians wherever they are. I plan to keep faith with the freedom of expression, art, creativity Ladonia is about but a serious resonsible side as well.

    (The Federation party is not affiliated with any other party by the same name or similar. the Federation Party is not part of a communist party.)

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