Ladonia Goddess

The cabinet has accepted a Ladonian Goddess. This is the Goddess self presentation:

“My name is Goddess Viktoria Vargmåne Rennerfelt. I live with my family in Viken, Höganäs in a house with a big garden. As a Goddess one have to live close to the nature, flower, trees, herbs, and animals. I wasn’t born as a Goddess – we are all born with different gifts but we have to study and work hard to find our own way.

I work as a Psychologist in everyday life, but also as a Goddess with magic and witchcraft in different ways as a lot of Goddess do, close to nature and with the purpose to help and bring out the best in others.

This summer I worked as a Goddess in the local radio of Höganäs; Kullabygdens Talkshow, we talked about Life, love, friendship. We danced and sang and brought a lot of people together.

To be a Goddess is a big responsibility, you have a lot of feminine energy and power, and you have to stand for justice and courage.

One important rule to learn is ”What you speak, think and act always comes back to you”. So if you act with a good intention towards others good and loving people (it doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself if you need to), acts will come back to you and contrary.

As a Goddess one also work with the different elements Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. As a Goddess you have to learn and perform different ceremonies that I would love to do in the wonderful country of Ladonia.”

Viktoria Vargmåne
Ladonian Goddess Viktoria Vargmåne


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