Frandsen appointed Minister of Raccoons and 42

Minister Peter C. Frandsen. He is also serving as Ladonia ambassador in Denmark.
Minister Peter C. Frandsen. He is also serving as Ladonia ambassador in Denmark.

Peter C. Frandsen has been appointed Minister of Raccoons and 42. He gives this statement:

“The ministry has the mission to support the so often neglected raccoons in filling the world with new hope and raccoonish (=perfect) harmony. Also the ministry is promoting the spreading of raccoons throughout the whole world. Yet no raccoons have been sighted in Ladonia but with the establishment of this ministry, that’s presumably going to change. Here the two basic rules are explained once more:

”Most people know these fluffy little creatures called raccoons. But many people underestimate them. Many countries even see them as a danger when coming too close to a city. This is highly unfair because they are unharmful animals living in harmony with every thing surrounding them, except for the things, which they are eating of course.

Currently they are living in western Europe (especially Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark), the Kaukasus, Japan and of course their origin, North America. Their quest to conquer the world to fill it with raccoonish harmony (and beer and all the other good stuff) is not yet fullfilled so they need a nation to support their wishes. Maybe eventually raccoons will come to Ladonia.”

Also, because raccoons are linked to it, this institution spreads the answer to life, the universe and everything. 42. The answer is so simple and genius that you can, to an unlimited extend, use it as an answer to despairing mathmatical tasks.”


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