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Treaty of Mutual Recognition Signed by Ladonia and Empire d’Angyalistan

The Royal Republic of Ladonia has entered into a treaty of mutual recognition and opened bilateral diplomatic relations with the Empire d’Angyalistan.

On Sunday, 27 September 2015, the treaty was signed by HM The Queen Carolyn of Ladonia and HIM The Emperor Olivier of Angyalistan at a small ceremony in the Principality of Aigues-Mortes. Both the Queen and the Emperor were in Aigues-Mortes to attend the Grand Bal Princier the night previous.

Queen Carolyn of Ladonia (left) signs the treaty of mutual recognition with Emperor Olivier of Angyalistan (right)
Queen Carolyn of Ladonia (left) signs the treaty of mutual recognition with Emperor Olivier of Angyalistan (right)

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ladonia unanimously ratified the treaty shortly after the Queen returned from Aigues-Mortes. This is the fourth treaty to be formally signed between Ladonia and another micronation. Several other nations have been recognized via verbal agreements between their respective heads of state or government.

The Empire of Angyalistan (French: Empire d’Angyalistan) was founded on 31 January 1999, and whose sovereignty was proclaimed on 7 October 2000. It extends its territory along the horizon; since October 2012, it has also claimed several garbage patches in international waters (North and South Pacific, North and South Atlantic, Indian Ocean), with the goal of making these particular claims disappear. For practical reasons, the people of Angyalistan live in exile and the empire is administered from its permanent territorialized embassy to the European Union, located in France near Paris. More information on the Empire d’Angyalistan can be found on their website, or on their wiki page.

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