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Ladonian Royal Guards

WOTAN CITY, Lad — Ladonian citizen Christian Newton has organized the Ladonian Royal Guards:

Ladonian Royal Guard

Attire All members of the Ladonian Royal Guard shall be required to possess and wear one uniform (Service Uniform) when on duty. The full uniform shall include an Olive-Drab, Wool GI Sweater, a Plain-Black Undershirt, Black Slacks, a Black Beret, and Black Dress Shoes.

Insignia Rank Insignia shall be displayed on both shoulders of the Service Uniform. Conduct Servicemen and women of the Royal Guard shall be expected to demonstrate good character. Legal infractions toward the Royal Republic of Ladonia, or any other nation, will not be tolerated, and will result in the dishonorable discharge of the guilty party or parties.

Presentation Servicemen and women of the Royal Guard shall be clean and shall keep their uniforms neat and trim at all times. Servicemen and women shall show the proper respect to their superiors by rendering a hand salute.. The lower rank shall initiate, to be returned by the higher. Servicemen and women shall always salute the flag of Ladonia when it passes in a parade, a march, or another manner.

Ranks The Ladonian Royal Guard shall maintain five ranks.

  • Lieutenant (LT) (represented by one (1) silver disc)
  • Captain (CPT) (represented by two (2) silver discs)
  • Major (MAJ) (represented by three (3) silver discs)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (LT-COL) (represented by four (4) silver discs)
  • Colonel (COL) (represented by one (1) silver diamond)

Command The Ladonian Royal Military Command shall oversee all practices and operational procedures of the Royal Guard. The Ladonian Royal Military Command is composed of the Senior-most Colonel (Commandant) of the Royal Guard, the Chiefs of Staff from each branch of service, and any other service member(s) the Commandant deems appropriate. In total, there should be four (4) active member on the command, not including individuals who are appointed by the Commandant.

The Commandant is appointed by the Queen, and confirmed by the State Secretary. All other members of the Ladonian Royal Military Command are determined solely on the basis of rank. Thus far, the Commandant will always be the highest-ranking officer in the Royal Guard. Organization The Ladonian Royal Guard shall consist of three operational branches: The Queen’s Guard (responsible for the protection of the Queen and Royal Family), The Embassy Guard (responsible for the protection of the Ladonian Embassies), and The Border Guard (responsible for the protection of national Ladonian Borders).

Symbols The Ladonian Royal Guard is represented by the “Glorious Green,” the national flag of Ladonia. The Royal Guard is also represented by the song, “La victoire est à nous,” which is to be played during all military proceedings.

Service To be eligible for service within the Ladonian Royal Guard, an individual must be at least fifteen (15) years of age, a citizen of Ladonia, and free from severe mental impairments.

– COL Christian Newton
– Nov. 24, 2015

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  1. How could you become a royal guard? I’d love to serve our country.

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