New Consul in Vienna

Ladonia has appointed Andreas Hoelzl as Consul in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna Consul Andreas Hoelzl

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  1. Avatar photo (Hopefully soon a citizen of Ladonia part of this nice concept) Nicolai D. says:

    Are there existing any statistics of how many Austrians have Ladonian citizenship? And if they do where can I find it? Remaining Nicolai

  2. Sir ,

    Willkommen! To be fair to people who were one of the first to really get this in Vienna I have tried my best to establish loyalty to You about the embassy in Austria. I have lived studied worked in Austria but now I’m Indian who is in Greece maybe you want to give me a chance to get better treatment and get a Chance to work under Your Embassy as much as I want to contribute.

    With Wärme Grüßie
    Gaurav Kataria MA
    Handy +306940151458

  3. I wish you a warm welcome in the service for Ladonia in Austria Andreas. a consolate in Vienna was long overdue.

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