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40 Years of Nimis

Contributed by Frans Brood, Prime Minister of Ladonia

Every country, every nation has special holidays. On July 31st, for example, the USA celebrates the avocado and the UK, the orgasm. In Ladonia, we remember on the last day of July the erection of Nimis. Everyone of us in his way. Some eat an avocado, others have an orgasm, and others walk to Ladonia. This year there was a particularly good reason to combine healthy eating and physical exertion with Ladonia.

40 years Nimis stands against nature, vandals and in the Swedish state and, of course, there was only one worthy act with which the anniversary could be duly celebrated. A “40 years anniversary HopArt Jump” by the Minister of Art and Jump. Despite the moderate weather, thousands of people had spread over the day on the arduous route to Ladonia. After some repair work on the construction, Lars Vilk raised the green flag and explained with words what is actually not to be described with words. He explained for what the sound when a stone or a minister falls into the water is enough. But otherwise, it’s always a pleasure and a honor to listen to Lars Vilks.

The day was a colorful together by people from many different countries (tourists, press and even the police of Sweden) showing despite different languages or different armament (with machine guns or coffee cans) what art and a deep belief in an idea can achieve. Since Lars Vilks four decades ago drove the first nail into a piece of driftwood to create Nimis. And as if the nature understood this, to complete this wonderful celebration, the sun came out at the exact moment when the Minister of Art & Jump elegantly jumped in the Baltic Sea.

More wasn’t possible this very special day.

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