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The Ladonian language has two Words, “waaaall” and “ÿp”. But we also use interjections. Our Citizen Mr Burghard aka Knorpel has come up with a proposal for further development of our language.

He says:

Approach for an extension of the Ladonian language

At present, everything that can be said can be expressed in two words in the Ladon language.

Unfortunately not everyone masters “ӱp” let alone “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll”. Hence the idea evolved to establish a complementary language that is spoken by more living beings than just humans.

The choice fell on Coleopterola, a language commonly used among beetles (Cloleoptera). There are about 350,000 varieties of beetles and billions of individuals. Anyone who has mastered the art of coleopterolalia never has to worry about interlocutors. [1]

With regard to the derivation of the term and history, reference is made to relevant literature[2] .

We now begin to decipher the beetle language. We start with a simple but important case, the cry for help.  In order to be able to feel the call for help in its deepest meaning, you fall on your back and stretch all six legs, alternatively four legs and two arms, depending on the genre, into the air and struggle violently there.  See fig. 1. for illustration.

Fig.1:  Starting point for a cry for help

[1] If only enough people in the coleopterolalia had been involved, the fate of poor Gregor Samsa would have been more bearable..

[2] f. [Co-le-o-ptero-la-lia] the form of communication to speak like a beetle. (gr. πτερόν wing; λαλώ speak). Generally not very common. It was even forbidden in Russia until the Revolution, as was in Franco’s Spain, where only Spanish was allowed to be spoken and not like a beetle.

Since even the most stubborn supporters of the coleopterolalia could not communicate with each other or with beetles, interest weakened towards the end of the last century. The last known advocate of coleopterola died in 2004 in a mental hospital under unexplained circumstances. [New German dictionary, section “C” –]

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