Prime Minister of Ladonia

WOTAN CITY, Lad. — At this time we have no president in Ladonia. The Cabinet has made the decision that we will install a Prime Minister. After voting in the cabinet, Minister Frans Brood (Minister of Improvisational Theatre) is now appointed as our Prime Minister.

Last November, the Cabinet voted on an act abolishing the office of the President and establishing the position of Prime Minister, to be elected out of the Cabinet. This was done in response to substantial voting irregularities in the prior election and due to a pattern of elected Presidents who had no prior involvement with the government and were unable to work within the constraints of the Ladonian constitution. By choosing the PM from within the established ranks of the Cabinet, the PM will have demonstrated active participation, an understanding of how the gears of government function, and has shown that he/she can work with other members of the Cabinet and government.

The Queen, the State Secretary, and the Cabinet congratulate the new Prime Minister and wishes him success in his new role serving Ladonia.

Prime Minister Frans Brood

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  1. Who has checked this vote for fraud? Did all citizens have a say? Are we safe from a coup, junta, or palace revolution?

    1. The Office of the State Secretary has said, “The Prime Minister is not a position that is voted on in a general election. It is a position that is voted on by all of the Cabinet Ministers, who are all citizens. It was an open vote, so there was no secrecy or question about who cast a vote or for whom the vote was cast.”

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