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Ladonia25: PM calls for art to celebrate 25th Anniversary of Ladonia

Frans Brood, Prime Minister of Ladonia and Minister of Improvisational Theater, has released a video talking about the meaning of Ladonia lasting for 25 years and issuing an open invitation to all Ladonians and artists around the world to celebrate freedom of art and expression by creating something from 25 pieces of found (not new) wood. In addition to the Found Wood art projects, all Ladonian themed submissions are welcome and appreciated. Artists and makers are asked to post pictures and videos of completed art projects to:

  • Facebook (in the Ladonia Citizens Official group or just tagged with “Royal Republic of Ladonia”)
  • Instagram (using #Ladonia25)
  • Twitter (using #Ladonia25)
  • or the social media platform of your choice, but please send a link to the @ladonia_info (on Twitter) or [email protected] (email)

Ladonia declared independence from Sweden 2 June 1996, and will celebrate its Silver Jubilee Year through 2 June 2022. Additional celebrations and events are planned for the Silver Jubilee and will be announced throughout the year.

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  1. For the video created in portrait mode you deserve to get your home TV unhanged in portrait mode too.
    Otherwise you and the speech is fine.

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