MFA embarks on “Great Purge” of Diplomatic Missions

In an official statement released from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yvan Bertjens, the newly installed Minister of Foreign Affairs announces an effort to “clean up” the rolls of ambassadors and consuls to ensure that all diplomatic ministries are staffed by those willing and eager to represent Ladonia’s interests abroad, and have up to date contact information on file with the MFA. Part of this reverification process is to allow the previously honorary consuls and ambassadors to confirm that they wish to continue in their roles, but in a more active fashion. Those who do not wish to continue participation may give such notice at this time.

Bertjens says this effort has been undertaken “with the full support and help of Chancellor Lars Vilks, HM the Queen, and the Cabinet of Ministers,” and marks a change in official policy where all ambassadors and consuls (and their respective missions) are to serve an active role in Ladonia’s diplomatic missions and will not be purely honorary in nature.

“Being an ambassador or a consul of Ladonia in a foreign country is an opportunity to help Ladonia build relationships and spread awareness of our nascent state. Our foreign missions must have some regular communications with each other and with the Cabinet so we can, collectively, be a positive force for Ladonia,” said MFA Bertjens.

An email has been sent to all confirmed Ambassadors and Consuls. The email contains an application that, going forward, all new applicants for the diplomatic corps will be expected to complete. Current/existing members of foreign missions are asked to complete the form, but for informational purposes only. No one is being asked to “re-apply” for their posts. The MFA is keen to ensure records are up to date and get to know each of the ambassadors and consuls.

Confirmed/Reconfirmed Ambassadors and Consuls

Ambassadors and Consuls who have already confirmed their continued participation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office are as follows:

Head of the Ministry: Minister & MFA Yvan Bertjens

Ambassadors and Consuls (alphabetical order):

  • Alan Bleiweiss (USA-California/Ambassador-at-Large)
  • David Kolb (USA-Oregon)
  • Gerald Kroon (USA-Washington State)
  • Habibur Rahman (Bangladesh-Dhaka)
  • Jonathan Howell (USA-Virginia)
  • Jose Quintero Frias (Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo)
  • Lars Sorensen (Denmark-Borup)
  • Michael Yarborough (USA-Alaska/Ambassador-at-Large)
  • Stefan Haslehner (Austra-Wilhering)
  • Steven Elliott (New Zealand-Wellington/North Island)
  • Tariq Sumatri (Pakistan-Karachi)
  • Theresa Villeneuve (USA-Los Angeles)

THE MFA understands that some Ambassadors and Consuls did not have valid or current contact information in the system and therefore may not have received their communique. Anyone who is a previously appointed ambassador or consul and did not receive a communication from the MFA but who still wishes to participate should immediately contact the MFA (via e-mail to [email protected]) to update their records and to receive the information form.

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