Minister of Reggaetón appointed to the Cabinet

Jorge Alejandro Hurtado Ramirez has been appointed as Minister of Reggaeton. Our Minister says:

”The reggaetón is a very unique, beautiful, poetic and innovator gender of music that was created in Puerto Rico, but improved in Colombia. Nevertheless, the reggaetón represents a very important part not only for the Colombian or Puerto Rican culture but also for all the Latino culture, as it worked as a gender that gather all the Spanish speakers in one song, in one party, in one dance. Nowadays, thanks to the hard work of Daddy Yankee, JBalvin and Bad Bunny, the reggaetón is listened worldwide and in every country you can find a reggaetón club. In that terms, the reggaetón is not a common gender, it is very special as it represents the whole Latino culture and gather all the Spanish speakers, also it is a worldwide topic that everyone is talking about.”

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