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Large Ladonian delegation attends MicroCon 2022 Las Vegas

More than 100 micronationalists gathered in Las Vegas, Nevada the first week of August 2022 for the 4th biannual MicroCon. MicroCon 2022 (originally slated to be held in 2021, but was delayed due to COVID restrictions) was held at Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas August 4-7, 2022 and was the highest attended MicroCon to date. The final count on the Ladonian delegation was 16 and included the Queen, the Crown Princess, and multiple members of the diplomatic corps and nobility.

In addition to attending the diplomatic and social events surrounding the conference (including a bowling tournament on the closing day), the Queen gave a talk entitled “Safeguarding Your Micronational Legacy” and announced that Ladonia had won the right to host the 2023 MicroCon in both the US and Europe. The European MicroCon will be co-hosted by Ladonia and Flandrensis and is to be the first European MicroCon.

During the evening gala on August 6th, the inaugural class of Micronational Hall of Excellence inductees were announced. The inductees were:

  • Emperor Norton
  • Prince Roy of Sealand
  • Prince Leonard of Hutt River
  • Président Gabrielle Pourchet of Saugeais
  • State Secretary Lars Vilks of Ladonia
  • President Kevin Baugh of Molossia
  • Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica
  • Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis

Because the State Secretary’s award was presented posthumously, the Queen accepted the Norton Medal on behalf of Lars Vilks and Ladonia.

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