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MicroCon 2023 Chicago: A Grand Assembly of Micronations

JOLIET, Ill. — From June 30 to July 2, 2023, the city of Joliet became the focal point of the micronational world as it hosted MicroCon 2023, the largest and most anticipated gathering of micronationalists to date. This biennial conference, known for its rich program and diverse participation, drew 132 attendees, including 110 delegates from 42 micronations, underscoring its global appeal and the growing interest in micronationalism.

Diverse Events and Engaging Activities

The conference kicked off with a casual welcome reception at the conference hotel’s restaurant, Burger Theory, setting a friendly tone with snacks, beverages, and a spirited micronational trivia competition. The schedule was packed with a variety of events designed to cater to all interests:

  • Nemean Games: Micronationalists competed in a series of games, vying for glory in a format reminiscent of the Olympics.
  • Route 66 Self-Guided Tour: Attendees explored historical and scenic spots along this iconic highway, enhancing their experience with cultural and photographic opportunities.
  • Diplomatic Reception at Oakwood House: A formal event where delegates engaged in diplomacy, enjoyed garden games, and participated in photo sessions in their national attires.
The 2023 Nemean Games featured a variety of athletic events like the 50 yard dash, tennis ball shot-put, and frisbee discus.

Inspirational Speeches and Educational Sessions

Saturday was the core of the conference with multiple sessions featuring speakers like George Bragg of Slabovia, Jordan Farmer of Westarctica, and Ladonia’s own Queen, Carolyn Shelby, who shared insights and experiences from their unique governance perspectives. Topics ranged from cultural diplomacy to the practical challenges of running a micronation.

Cultural Celebrations and Awards

The Awardsapalooza segment recognized outstanding contributions within the micronational community, followed by the MicroCon Gala. This gala was the social highlight, featuring formal attire, dancing, and further strengthening of international ties. During the gala, the second class of inductees to the Micronational Hall of Excellence was announced, with Queen Carolyn of Ladonia being a notable inductee and recipient of the prestigious Norton Award. As is tradition, dinner concluded with the announcement of the hosts and location for MicroCon 2025. The next conference will be hosted by the Aerican Empire, the Principality of Sancratosia, and the Newgraviate of Saint-Castin, and it is set to take place in Montreal, Canada. This announcement has sparked excitement and anticipation for what promises to be another enriching gathering of the micronational community.

Sports and Leisure

The conference concluded on a lighter note with a bowling event, emphasizing camaraderie and friendly competition among micronations with two dozen micronationalists bowling and several enjoying the spectacle from the sidelines.

A Platform for Future Collaboration

MicroCon 2023 not only served as a venue for celebration and networking but also as a vital platform for discussing future collaborations and projects among micronations. Discussions covered the legal, cultural, and environmental aspects of micronationalism, setting the stage for future initiatives.

In the Media

The event garnered attention beyond the micronational circles with coverage in major outlets like WGN Radio, The Guardian, and The Boston Globe, highlighting the cultural curiosity and legitimacy micronations attract in the broader context.

As MicroCon 2023 in Chicago wrapped up, the sense of community and shared purpose remained palpable. Delegates left with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to their unique nations, carrying with them memories and connections that will inspire their endeavors until the next MicroCon.

Max Hogg

Max Hogg serves as the Communications Coordinator for the Ministry of Information in Ladonia, providing strategic guidance and overseeing the dissemination of information pertaining to the micronation’s policies and developments. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for transparent communication, Max ensures that the citizens of Ladonia and the international community remain well-informed about the nation's affairs. His writings blend insightful analysis with a commitment to fostering a well-connected Ladonian community.

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