Minister Johnson to Head Newly Renamed Ministry of Peace and Joy

WOTAN CITY, Lad. — Cabinet Minister Matthew Johnson, previously overseeing the Ministry of Neutrality and Discontent, will now lead the rebranded Ministry of Peace and Joy. This change, ratified by Queen Carolyn I, reflects a positive shift in focus aligned with Ladonia’s evolving aspirations.

From Neutrality to Celebration

The transformation of Minister Johnson’s portfolio was officially confirmed through a formal proclamation issued by Her Majesty, which states:

“[…] Ministry of Neutrality and Discontent shall henceforth be reconstituted and recognized as the Ministry of Peace and Joy. This transformation reflects our sovereign commitment to foster an ethos of positivity, wellbeing, and jubilation among all our cherished subjects.”

From the proclamation dated 5 May 2024

The proclamation comes after Minister Johnson’s significant efforts in promoting peace and cultivating joy throughout the micronation, notably through his work at Nimis.

Honoring a Dedicated Servant

Further cementing his legacy, Minister Johnson was awarded the Ladonian Diplomatic Medal of Friendship by the Queen in a separate ceremony that honored the “Ministers Who Maintain”, the three who are most active in repairing and maintaining the structural integrity of Nimis. Also awarded the medal for their work on Nimis were the Minister of Art and Jump, Fredrik Larsson, and Noah Wilson, who’s ministry is pending creation.

Looking Forward

As Minister of Peace and Joy, Johnson is expected to introduce initiatives that promote wellbeing and happiness among Ladonians. The community is optimistic about the new programs and activities that will be launched under his guidance, aiming to enrich the cultural fabric of Ladonia.

Minister Johnson expressed his gratitude and excitement about his new role, committing to “spread peace and foster joy” in every corner of Ladonia.

The Ministry of Peace and Joy is poised to lead numerous upcoming community engagements and wellness projects, promising a bright future for all Ladonians.

E. Nordström

Elsa Nordstrom brings an analytical perspective to her coverage of international law and global politics, and incorporates experiences from around the globe into her writing, drawing parallels and making connections that highlight the global relevance of local issues.

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