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Queen Addresses Nation on Ladonia’s National Day, Focuses on Nimis Preservation

On June 2, HM the Queen Carolyn delivered her annual National Day speech against the backdrop of the iconic Nimis. Addressing citizens of Ladonia and distinguished guests, the Queen discussed the importance of cultural preservation, the achievements of the past year, and the ongoing initiatives aimed at safeguarding Ladonia’s heritage.

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens of Ladonia, today we gather to celebrate our National Day, marking the anniversary of our beloved micronation’s declaration of independence. On this day in 1996, Ladonia was born out of a spirit of creativity and defiance, principles that continue to guide us.

As we stand here in the shadows of Nimis, we are reminded of our unique heritage and the resilience of our community. We have faced challenges, yes, but each has been met with the unwavering courage and inventiveness of the Ladonian people.

Today, Ladonia is a vibrant community, proud of its cultural achievements and recognized globally for its commitment to artistic freedom and expression. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all who contribute tirelessly to our society—from our diligent government officials to the passionate volunteers and, of course, every citizen of Ladonia.

As we look towards our future, a significant focus remains on the preservation and rebuilding of Nimis, our cherished national monument. Nimis is not just a structure; it is a symbol of our endurance and creativity, standing resilient against the tides of time and nature. We are committed to ensuring that Nimis is preserved, enhanced, and passed down to our future generations as a beacon of our artistic heritage and our dedication to freedom of expression.

To this end, we have initiated several projects aimed at reinforcing the physical structure of Nimis, while also expanding its accessibility and educational potential. These efforts are not just about maintaining a monument but are a pledge to our children and to their children — ensuring that the legacy of Ladonia as a haven for artists and thinkers continues to inspire long into the future.

Together, with your support and participation, we will ensure that Nimis, and all it stands for, remains a cornerstone of our identity, drawing visitors, scholars, and new citizens to experience and contribute to the unique culture of Ladonia. Let us all pledge on this National Day to be guardians of our past, stewards of our present, and architects of our future.

HM Carolyn I, Queen of Ladonia

In her speech, the Queen outlined the efforts being made to preserve and enhance Nimis for future generations, emphasizing the structure’s role in Ladonia’s cultural identity. She also highlighted the need for community involvement in national projects and the importance of nurturing a vibrant cultural legacy.

The National Day event concluded with a series of performances that celebrated Ladonian culture, attended by citizens and several international guests. As Ladonia continues to navigate its path as a micronation, the themes of resilience and community participation remain at the forefront of national discourse.

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