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Lost World Racing

Here is a brief presentation of the “Lost Worlds Racing” which was attended by about 1000 people in Ladonia that I wanted to renew for 2014 to 31 May I thank the organizers of this challenge that brings together the ladoniens of all backgrounds.

This will be an international race series of a lifetime. Join us next year for a series 100k and 50k off-road ultras in extraordinary places for anyone who can run or walk to the finish line.

The races will offer a variety of terrains, environments and adventure for individuals and teams that have come to run the route or fast pack it and take in the views: Both will require tenacity and mental toughness but the Trail Trek is designed for fast packers who will have a more generous time cut off to cover the entire distance.

We offer a truly unique set of destination races and give runners a compelling reason to travel to and race in places that have been singled out as some of the most beautiful in the world.These are definitely bucket list destinations.

The Lost Worlds Trail Series allows people an additional excuse to visit them in the context of a challenging race competition but to also take time to take in these areas before or after the race at a more leisurely pace. These are World Heritage sites for a reason. You’ll feel both expansive and small at times in their presence yet you’ll also feel connected by an arc in time that stretches back centuries.

Not everyone who attempts our 100k will finish but they will all remember the place and the effort.

¬†Our races are about exploration, adventure, camaraderie and friendship, since you’re likely spending at least 2-3 days with fellow international travelers and staff attending each race.
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