2024 New Year’s Honours List

All Ladonians ennobled in 2023

OAKWOOD HOUSE — The Home Secretary has today released the names of all Ladonian citizens ennobled during the 2023 calendar year.

“These new Nobles have honored Ladonia with their presence and their support, so we honor them in return,” said Queen Carolyn. The new nobles created in 2023 are as follows:

Counts and Countesses 2023

  • Muhammad Maaruf, Count Ali
  • Amara Ilyssea Espinosa Rana, Countess Ahmed of Fremont
  • Lacey Louise, Countess Appiah
  • Bernd, Count Bachmeier
  • Valycia, Countess Beacham
  • Michael James Vincent, Count Bonnick
  • Marlin Hamilton Smith, Countess Dohlman
  • Peter Anders, Count Dohlman
  • Daniel Josef, Count Ertl
  • Robert, Count Gancarz
  • Jaime Arturo, Count Grijalva
  • Lars Norbert, Count Haberlah
  • Rena, Countess Heinemann
  • Lucia , Countess Heinrich
  • Marc Henri, Count Heitz
  • Scott David, Count Hendison
  • David, Count Hodosi
  • Elizabeth Pflager, Countess Hubbard
  • Lilian Buffy, Countess Johnson
  • Christina, Countess Kerkhoff
  • Nikolaus, Count Klumpen
  • Carina Michaela, Countess Krabetz
  • Heather Camille, Countess Kring
  • Eric Bodo, Count Lederer
  • Norman John, Count Longstaff
  • Nicola , Countess Martin
  • Jason Steve, Count Martinez
  • Marcelo Isse, Count Moyano
  • Charleen Anne, Countess Mullenweg
  • Michael Alfred, Count Neundlinger
  • Brad J., Count Pagel
  • Juan Jesus, Count Pena
  • Christoph, Count Plenk
  • Sébastien, Count Rouchouse
  • Michael Helmut, Count Rudolph
  • Christoph Alexander, Count Staub
  • Ryan James, Count Stratis
  • Hope Marie, Countess Townsend
  • Brandee Renee, Countess Wambeke
  • Stephen Howard, Count Yellow Old Woman

Viscounts and Viscountesses 2023

  • Fabricio Reis, Viscount Amador
  • Bernd, Viscount Frank
  • Lars, Viscount Norman
  • Sing-Hong Oscar, Viscount Ou
  • Paolo, Viscount Scappaticcio
  • Migel Angelo, Viscount Taylor

Barons and Baronesses 2023

  • Connor, Baron Bement
  • Cindy Daniela, Baroness Bräuer
  • Claudia, Baroness Böttcher
  • Louis Laurin, Baron Bührle
  • Kelley Felice, Baroness Clark
  • Danielle, Baroness Danish
  • Stefan Johannes, Baron Dietrich
  • Alphonso Maurice, Baron Dukes
  • Carmen, Baroness Fernández Muñoz
  • Alisa, Baroness Fix
  • Stephanie-Anne, Baroness Fox
  • Mary Patricia, Baroness Gleason
  • Sascha Bodin, Baron Gomberg
  • Michael, Baron Graeff
  • Jaqueline, Baroness Greschitza
  • Thomas, Baron Greschitza
  • Stefan, Baron Gruber
  • Christoph Paul Friedrich, Baron Grusche
  • Jaime, Baron Gutowski
  • Dušan , Baron Hauser
  • Gustav Klaus, Baron Heinemann
  • Svenja Anna, Baroness Herdzin
  • Stefan Felix, Baron Hofstetter
  • Rolf, Baron Jagusch
  • Dixon Hugh, Baron Jones
  • Fridolf Theodor, Baron Josefsson
  • Kevin James, Baron Kenkelen
  • Stefan, Baron Koenig
  • Leah Liv, Baroness Krageland-Lauritzen
  • Achim, Baron Kraus
  • Axel, Baron Kumutat
  • Diana, Baroness Kühne
  • Bethany Marie, Baroness Leeman-Weil
  • Erica Loraine, Baroness Loeks
  • Mathias, Baron Loipfinger
  • Barbara Denise Maria, Baroness Lubert
  • Kelley Michelle, Baroness Macey
  • Graham, Baron McKenna
  • Christopher Todd, Baron Mentillo
  • Katharina, Baroness Müller
  • Nestor, Baron Nunez
  • Christian Jan, Baron Ochmann
  • Michael John, Baron Palmer
  • Barbara Ann, Baroness Perry
  • Paolo, Baron Scappaticcio
  • Andreas, Baron Schatz
  • Michael Karl, Baron Seefried
  • Anna-Maria Christina, Baroness Skingley-Morris
  • Robert Keller, Baron Smith
  • Tobias, Baron Stelzer
  • Mauricio Eduardo Bergamini, Baron Vieira
  • Inga Eva, Baroness Wachenfeld
  • Antonia, Baroness Wehrle
  • Markus, Baron Weinbacher
  • Nina, Baroness Wertli
  • Nancy Michelle, Baroness White
  • Roland André, Baron Winnerl
  • Christoph , Baron Wirsching
  • Steve, Baron Zanier
  • Sandy Bertholet, Baroness Zanier
  • Ulf, Baron de Wahl

Noble Citizens 2023

  • Anthony Adrian, Lord Harvey
  • Lörincz Eva, Lady Izabella
  • Ahrend Dietrich, Lord Meyer
  • Claudia, Lady Raab
  • Tanja, Lady Schellbach
  • Darina, Lady Serova
  • Klaus, Lord Tatura

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