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Minister Taru

Minister Taru had a dream and performed an exhibition:

“In the dream I was going to see a Ladonian art exhibition on an island in somewhere in the Arctic Sea, it could have been Spitsbergen belonging to Norway or Novaya Zemlya belonging to Russia, but most probably an imaginary place somewhere in between. In the beginning I met Lars and another Ladonian artist I didn’t know before. He was definitely Nordic, looked like a Norwegian or a Dane (all Swedish Cabinet members surely recognize the style: take anyone from the Danish football team, add 15 years and make him wear a shabby woollen pullover), but we talked in English, so that I did not really hear where he was from. First he took me to see his artworks in one basement. It was made of small statuettes, it was hilariously funny, and it had a point which I found brilliant but had totally forgotten by the time I woke up.
But even better was the town which was fascinating. The style was 20th century European architecture, mostly early functionalism, white and concrete, but still with traditional city plan with long, somewhat curvy streets, or rather channels, because the whole city was built on water, so that we moved around on boats on these narrow streets and through corridors to courtyards, still covered with water. Still, there seemed to be not much floods or waves, since people lived on the ground level as well. I remember having thought how this town must be beautiful in winter too, when all channels are covered with ice and snow.
Next I went alone to Lars’ exhibition and found two miniature Russian kids outside (the scale of statuettes must have stucked in my mind, I seldom mix sizes in my dreams). This museum located on some kind of island, so there was some rocky land outside, wher the kids were playing. They asked me to take them to see the exhibition and so I raised them to my hand and took them inside. Inside was totally white (although there may have been something on the back wall of the L-shaped room, otherwise walls were bare). Lars had changed the perspective of the room with white plastic structures so that there was no angle or corner visible on the ground level, but everything was curved somehow. These structures of hard plastic reached me to waist-breast level, but for the miniature Russian kids they were huge and they enjoyed sliding down the structures when I placed them on the top. Inside was Lars, preparing for a coal grill to grill sausages, which was to be a part of his exhibition.”

Yes, the state secretary is very happy to have three visitors. I have made a small drawing of the event:

As you can see, the white room, the playing children, the grill man and minister Taru entering.

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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