After Christmas

Christmas is over and the 27th of December is the day when Ladonians are throwing things (mostly beer cans) at each other.

Ladonia after snow gone.JPG
Ladonia, all snow removed and soon the throwing will start

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One Comment

  1. I heard about Ladronia from a news article in on a Swedish website and am VERY impressed with your unquenchable thirst for freedom…or is it an unquenchable thirst for beer? Your beach looks great, the towers of rocks and sticks are VERY imipressive indeed!

    How can I support the _________________of Ladronia? Will buckets of cash help? Or would you rather get good press on my websites such as I can imagine that you would be interested in getting a liberal golfcourse of your own to attract all those “make love, not war”, non-combatants. I agree with them that we need a world without hurt feelings and Ladronia could be just the place to start! Wadda u think?

    I can set up a Ladronia charity to help collect money to build the liberal golfcourse if you wish. Of course, all the cash received would be passed through to you without any administrative fee whatsoever…probably, anyway.

    Best regards and Buena Suerte,
    Ricardo Gonzales Newquist

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