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Meeting in Surahammar

Yesterday, the 26th of May, state secr Lars Vilks met the new governor Kristina W-Hedman. The colony she is ruling is some 100 km north of the rather small place Surahammar.

This day the new church was officialy opened. The church, Notre Dame de Surahammar, was built during three days of the state secretary. It is a part of a larger exhibition The 6th Sense taking place in 24 different churches in the bishopric of Västerås.

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State secr and Governor

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  1. This is a positive sign!!! It’s really a nice Structure by our State Secretary. It is just another example of great art, talent, and vision!!!

  2. Congratulations on the wonderful church. It’s nice to know our Secretary of State is still in business. Very nice. I hope to visit it one day soon.

  3. Beautiful church. We hope to make a trip from Hawaii someday to visit Ladonia. Perhaps next summer we can make it.


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