Election 2010

President election candidate no 2

The second candidate is the Norse Mystery Stone. This candidate has been proposed by minister James Hartman who writes:
“Greetings from the Norse Mystery Stone.
Indeed, Norse Mystery Stone was carried on first hand adventures with a real band of Ladonian Norsemen seeking to expand Ladonia into outback Vinland. That in fact it was Ladonian Norsemen who first came to the new world in Long Ships from Ladonia to Lake Michigan and landed in the land called Indiana as proof one only need look at Norse Mystery Stone and can to see it belongs among the much larger runes stones of Scandinavia.

Now the armed with new world experience of over a thousand years of exposure from Native American cultures to Settlers too Indiana from all over the planet, Norse Mystery Stone believes it is time to return as President of Ladonia to bring new world experience into Ladonian government for the good of both stone and mankind alike.

Back to the Ladonian homeland from where he was carried away over a thousand years ago on his Viking style adventure with real world experience from both sides now to share with us Ladonians.

So vote for Norse Mystery Stone as your natural choice for President of Ladonia!”

The connection with Ladonia has been noted by minister Taru:
“Norse Mystery Stone contains a pattern that originally comes from the sweater that King Ladon wore when he first declared Ladonia to be founded (when he was eating the lamb before the occasion, his wife was busy knitting a sweater made of its wool: thus the Department of History concludes that King Ladon’s legendary meal must have contained salted mutton instead of fried mutton).

Department of History
Ladonian Academy of Science”

Norse Mystery Stone

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