Where is the Queen?

It seems as if Ladonia is on the brink of a revolution. Our Queen Ywonne I Jarl has disappeared. Minister and Admiral Pedro has made this statement:

To avoid the chaos and the Civil War of succession in Ladonia, ALL powers will be ceded to my Military Junta and I am the Commander in Chief of the Junta.

All liberties are suspended, The Parliament is suspended till the contrary.
The Queen can sleep till she wakes us.

Adm. Pedro
Commander in Chief of the provisional Military Junta.
Florida, Feb 27th 2011

Minister Taru is trying to stop him with a threat:

And dear Admiral,

Remember that I have that video of you singing karaoke dressed in hawaiian shirt with a cat on your lap and a cocktail in your glass. Do I have to tell more? I will release this video if you don’t come to your senses and stop threatening our beloved Queen.

This is a blackmail.

minister, MotaR

We don’t know what will happen. Minister Pierre is already proposing himself as King of Ladonia:

I hereby propose myself as new King of Ladonia in the case where Queen Ywonne I Jarl should not answer or step down from her throne. Ÿp. — Minister Pierre

(To be continued)

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