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Still winter

Though it is still winter in Ladonia the number of visitors are showing that spring is not so far away.


Ladonia with visitors on Sunday 17th of March

Reminding on the upcoming president election. At this moment we have five candidates. The voting poll will soon be ready.

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One Comment

  1. Hej!!
    Caroline och David from sweden and canada, we went for a hike today in Ladonia. So beautifull as always!
    And we must say it was an amazing place to visit.
    The ice is melting.

    And by the way we couldnt stop laughing when we saw that the queen and prince name were Carolyn and David, just like us :) and that the embassy is in Bangkok where we used to live and met…… Funny story!

    Thanks for the artwork and we will be back soon.
    / Caroline and David

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