Ladonia Consul in the State of Colorado

David Drew is appointed as Consul in the State of Colorado.

David J. Drew was born in 1964, and raised in Northumberland in the North-East of England. His parents and family were industrialists involved in shipbuilding, mining and construction. He pursued an education in the arts and studied design at Tyne Metropolitan College, graduated with a BA degree in graphic design from the University of Plymouth and an MA degree (illustration and graphic arts) at the University of Brighton. He worked as a freelance illustrator in publishing in London for several years before frustration and sheer boredom drove him to transition in to a career in the culinary arts – rising through the ranks of the Savoy Group to the position of Executive/Banqueting Chef for Digby Trout Restaurants at the Science Museum in South Kensington. With his American wife and three chidren, he emigrated to Denver, Colorado in 2003. Drew has worked for the Colorado State Department of Human Services since then, for fifteen years, as a therapist at a nursing home for veterans. 

David has long been involved in micronationalism, since 2002 he participated in Sir Richard Booths’ ‘Kingdom of Hay’ on Wye (and was created Baron of Carville by King Richard), is a citizen of the Empire of Atlantium (Emperor George ‘Cruickshank’ II), was commissioned as ‘Poet Laureate’ of the Dominion of British West Florida by Governor Bo Register, as well as recently graduating from the Naval Academy of the Republic of Molossia – being awarded the honorary rank of Commodore by President Kevin Baugh. He is currently creating a website for his long established micronation the  ‘County Palatine of Carville.’ David is a Knight Chevalier of the Order of St. Isadore of Seville, and an Officer in the Order of St. George (UK). 

David has spent a lifetime of support for ecology and the preservation of natural habitats and wildlife. He has been an active volunteer for his local nature center in Aurora, and since childhood has been a patron of the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust and the invaluable work of Gerald Durrell. Most recently he studied and graduated from the American School of Health Sciences with a Masters Diploma in herbal medicine.

Drews’ engagment with the Republican Monarchy of Ladonia opens a new and exciting chapter in his life, with his appointment as Consul of Colorado. His greatest desire is simply to help others reach their maximum potential and flourish. With his experience of being an ambassador for the NTCA ( National Tourism Coastal Academy) in England, he hopes to create a ‘School of Diplomacy’ for Ladonia that would enrich all micronational citizens in effective international relations.

Yes, the future holds untold and infinite potential!

Consul David Drew

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  1. I am a citicen of LADONIA now!

    Why? Lars Vilks fight for freedom and freedom from ISLAM is worth figthting for, He is a brave man
    worth all respect, which the swedish PK in no way can reach!

  2. Congratulations and welcome David! I am a Ladonian citizen residing in Denver Colorado. I am both pleased and proud that you have accepted this position to represent Ladonia in my home state.

    I am confident that your experience will serve well to further Ladonian culture in the Rocky Mountain region.
    Thank you,
    Joel Haney (some sort of Baron or something)

    1. Hi Baron Joel,

      thank you – I will do my best for all citizens of Ladonia, I have some great ideas and plans for our Rocky Mountain Region! I am located in Aurora. I am definitely making plans to create a course in international diplomacy for Ladonia.

      thanks and best wishes


      1. Greetings, David! I too am in Denver, and have been a citizen of Ladonia for some time now, and would love to see some sort of meetup for the Ladonian citizens in our region, even if it is online for the time being.

        Stephanie Smith

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