Virgins and MBHB

Information about Virgins and Malebolge Black Hole Believers

The cabinet discussed the supply of virgins. As Admiral Pedro said: “to seek for a virgin
nowaday is becoming more and more difficult” Minister of Finance, Mike Arman commented on the subject:

“I met one once.
I think.

And Minister Taru extended the subject:

“At least an Indian friend of mine told that it was easy to pretend to be a virgin… They are still supposed to be there and so they share all the tricks with girls, just in case. I for example learned, that according to their knowledge women bleed only the next morning…

Oh, and once in Beijing met a Belgian man with the taste for very young girls (younger than you dare to have in China, so much travel in South East Asia included). He had decided to marry a virgin and found one, bought her parents a house and all that. I don’t know if he ever got to know, but a friend of mine found this “virgin” in bed with her Belgian husband (same company than the other Belgian, but he had just found out that he will have a transfer to Brazil) just two weeks before the marriage and started to think for a divorce. Her husband wanted to continue and arranged them a skiing holiday in the Alps to talk it over what they should do (they stayed together, but he probably does not know that she has an affair every time she finds out that he has had one). And husband’s colleague thought it a good idea to join them for his honeymoon… And he had a transfer to Brazil too.

Well, most of us are virgins once, so there still is some chance.”

Ladonia has now solved the problem and can now present our slogan: Not a virgin any more? Let’s fix it for your!
The authority which are handling this matter is the new religion Malebolge Black Hole Believers. It is a very simple religion. 1. Absolute freedom of expression.2. Freedom of action limited only by the need to prevent *real* harm to others. 3. Three being too many principles. (These are the three principles of the Holy Scripture of Minister Manny Neira). Under 2, you can also find Love, that is you should love every true Black Hole and Her Work.

Any female, or even men, can apply to MBHB in order to receive a certificate for 1 year virginity at a time. This will cost you $ 100. But you have to visit Ladonia (or use the on line service here) for worshipping the Black Hole – when doing that with an honest and opened mind, the miracle will appear and remain for 1 year.

Here you can worship if you are not able to go to Ladonia. Pray for new virginity in front of and as close to the screen as possible.

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