Citizens of Ladonia

The new figures for the developement of Ladonia population have just arrived. In the picture you can follow the increase in number of citizen from the independance.

Graf-Ladonia-population-2007 KLAR.JPG
graphic work: Carin Madsen Kollberg

Staff Reports

Ladonia Herald staff writers are citizens of the Royal Republic of Ladonia who donate their time and expertise to help write and edit the news and contribute photos. All writers and editors are vetted by our editorial committee.

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  1. Dear Minister of Health,

    In the beginning of 2002 we had the Pakistani wave of citizen applications. Then Ladonia was suddenly known all over the world.

  2. From 2001 to 2002 the number of Ladonian suddenly citizens doubled. Before and after the annual increment has remained very uniform. What happened in 2001? I, the Minister of Health, for instance, became self employed in the Nordic countries. Did some kind of freedom yearning boost hit the world population at that time? Was there more ‘free psychic energy’ around than usual, to be used with heart – some of which however inevitably had to fall in evil soil as well? And was the AP news world wide about free Ladonian citizenship another expression of the same thing?

    Minister of Health, 2 Feb 2007.

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