Conditions for PhD

Admiral Pedro brought up an urgent question to the Ladona Academy of Science:

“Can I have an Honorary PhD in “Caressing Females Very Sensitively
Leading To Intense Carnal Intercourses”?

I have been practising for ages now and I think I deserve a PhD very
badly, because I think I am very good at that thing and have
accumulated during all those years of practice a huge repository of

Pedro, Admiral and Minister”

And here is the answer:

“Dear Admiral, as a representative of Ladonian Academy of Science I am strongly against lowering our high academic standards. First of all, academic standards demand the use of critical scientific method. Therefore, we here at the Ladonian Academy of Science suggest that you can receive PhD on “Caressing Females Very Sensitively Leading To Intense Carnal Intercourses” only if there is enough evidence of you doing so. First we ask for written evidence by your wife that your caresses indeed are very sensitive and that they indeed lead to carnal intercourses (and not her turning her back and pretending to sleep) and that these carnal intercourses are intense. Usually we also require for control group (in this case evidence given by other women). However, in this case we are ready to grant you a diploma of “Caressing a Female Very Special to the PhD Himself Very Sensitively Leading to Intense Carnal Intercourses” after getting the report of your experiment s by your wife only (assuming that her report supports your interpretation of what usually happens).

Department of History and Archaeology
Ladonian Academy of Science”

A case for the Academy

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