Green Kangaroo

It is remarkable to find a kangaroo in Ladonia. Even more remarkable is to find a green one. it seems that the animal has been influenced by the green flag. Anyway, if you find a kangaroo in Ladonia it is always green, and it could be a strange and poetic connection between Ladonia and our poet minister of procrastination, Chris Mansell, who lives in Australia.

Photo by James Hartman
Photo by James Hartman


Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  1. These people are awful. I think he nicked me wallet. He has music like abba and lyricks like Michael f***king Jackson. Punk as a bloody skunk.

  2. I love plastic little boys. This langaroo is an example of a little plastic boy. Yummy!!!

  3. It raped my personal prostitute and myself. So I shot it and humped its dead body

  4. stop ripping off green kangaroos,

    i belive in green kangaroos

  5. Sometimes I can see a few of them in my backyard. The green color intensifies in spring.

    Admiral Pedro
    MoMis – CoSF

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