Ladonia Colonization: Vancouver, Canada

Through intensive work by the Minister of Art & Jump, Fredrik Axwik and Minister of Avatars, Jeremy Owen Turner, a new colony has been established in Vancouver. Governor is Donato Mancini and Minister Turner is Vice Governor.

canada colony 536lit.JPG
Minister Turner standing in the “Ladonia 536” in Vancouver. The colony consists of the house and the surrounding area.

Canada art jump m jeremy o mancLIT.JPG
Agreement, from left to right: Governor Mancini, Minister Axwik,
Minister and Vice Governor Turner

canada sign jeremylit.JPG
Signing of official documents, Governor and Vice Governor

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  1. The nieghbors are amused and inspired cuz it isn’t grass, its a garden. We have strawberries, lavender, oats, and rubarb. Stu H

  2. Yeah guys, cut the freakin’ lawn. This ain’t no art project… that’s already been done.

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