Minister of Art & Jump jumps

On the 20th of June he jumped to make the world a better place and for the establishment of a Ladonia colony in Vancouver. Watch him jumping: Minister of Art & Jump Fredrik Axwik.

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  1. Our Minister of Art & Jump Fredrik Axwik performs the National Anthem gracefully as he jumps from the slabs of flat white square stone above the Fountain to the cold waters below. He knows the danger is there on a subconscious level, but he’s generally more focused on how well he needs to do in order to get the crowd on their feet. After a few moments of building up the crowd, the Minister of Art & Jump – jumps into watery history once again bringing the power protest to the folks of Vancouver and giving us the human form of our Ladonian National Anthem. Thanks to the internet and youtube everyone can know of this event around the world.

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