New secret weapon

Today Ladonia can inform about a new weapon developed by Admiral Pedro and analyzed of Minister Daniel. Here is the reports:

“The Laboratories of the Navy have developped a new Super Secret Weapon.

The animal is the result of genetic clonation of German Sheppard 25%,
Gorilla 25%, Iberic Goat 25% and Human cells 25%.

We have not yet define a name for this animal.

Adm. Pedro”

“The department of the multiorgasmic affairs supported financially a shady laboratory in the creation of a new specimen, probably we jumped to the next evolutionary step.
It is 25% pig, 25% dolphin, 25% cross-eyed dog, 10% king kong, 10% beaver and 2% dragonfly and 3% human.

It doesn’t seem to have any cognitive abilities or to be useful in any way, but PET scans to the hyppothalamus revealed that this spawn is able to experience multiorgasms continuously for weeks before reaching to ejaculation and with proper training (with the help of some classical conditioning) can perform dry orgasms at wish. (Later investigations showed that it wished to be fixed in the orgasmic state at aeternum)
There are some side effects, though, such as a involuntary quick series of contractions of the sphincter, those are still under investigation (actually under observation, those are quite amusing to watch).

The temporal scientific name of it is: Homo Ladonicus Orgasmicus.

We are getting tons of requests for genetic conversion from individuals and even businesses from all around the world, a complete success!
An interesting fact is that 50% of the calls were made by men, and the rest 50% were made by their wives.
Ladonia is leading biotechnology overthrowing South Korea!
Hurray for Ladonia!

I’d call him Flipper

Daniel Kong
Minister of Multiorgasmic Affairs.


Flipper, a new weapon

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  1. i dont know what the fuck is wrong with yall people thinkin this thing is real…. ShadowGoddess…. you must be the dumbest bitch alive. ITS A JOKE!!!!!!

  2. Is that thing real or photo shop? cause if it’s real, what the heck are you doing mixing like that? I can understand the need for new and better weapons but come on there’s a difference between playing with machines and trying to play God.

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