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President Daniel Jiménez resigns

WOTAN CITY, Lad. — In a letter submitted to the Cabinet on 11 December, 2007, Ladonia’s president Daniel Jiménez has tendered his resignation citing personal reasons and including time-management and work-life balance.

Dear State Secretary Lars Vilks, dear Members of the Cabinet,

I, Daniel Jiménez, elected President of Ladonia in June 2007, resign of all my administrative posts in the government of Ladonia. The causes of my resignation are personal and are in relation with self-time administration: I do not have enough time to devote to the artistic project of Ladonia. From here, I thank you for these last funny years since my arrival to the Cabinet. I maintain my title of nobility and my citizenship.

Thank you again

Ex-President Daniel Jiménez

Daniel Jiménez was elected president this year when he ran the election together with Phil Halfhill. Phil Halfhill got most votes but wanted Jiménez to become president and himself becoming vice president. As has been reported Halfhill left alls his positions.

Political observers mean that there are also other reasons than personal for the resign. The president has been working hard on one of his main issues, expanding democracy to all citizens of Ladonia. He has not been given support for this in the cabinet and for several months the debate has been hard.

It must be said that the expansion of democracy is a difficult matter as most of the citizens are idle (with constitutional right). The system of democracy in Ladonia also means that any citizen can become a minister in the cabinet. Most of the applications for such a position are accepted.

The president has meant a good deal of development of Ladonia and we all wish him all the best for his future.

Daniel Jimenéz

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One Comment

  1. Dani did a great job at working for democracy. And he wanted nothing more than to bring about this. Now he has resigned, as did I earlier. I’m sure he leaves with best wishes for all in Ladonia, as did I (I most certainly wish everyone the best). But…sometimes people have to move on and do something else. We all have choices to make in life.

    One thing: Please be kind to each other.

    Best wishes, & a happy holidays!
    Ex-VP Phil Halfhill

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