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Vice President for President

Our Vice Precident Daniel Jiménez is running for president. Here is his declaration:

Dear citizens of Ladonia, these 3 years as Vice President, gave me a wonderful point of view of what Ladonia means in the spirit of common citizens, in the spirit of the members of the Cabinet and in the spirit of the foundators of our country. In this way, I will try to perseverate in the defence of Ladonia´s interest in the international ambience always listening the people of Ladonia and following the eonatic order established in the Cabinet.
During these 3 years, a lot of things happened in Ladonia. The Cabinet worked professionally creating opportunities, new ideas and resolving some problems.
I want a continuity of the work we done, and this is the cause why I present you my candidacy for President. My only electoral promise is to give the best I can for Ladonia.
As something important done during these years, I can remember that I had created the CIL (Central Intelligence of Ladonia) which bases had been approved by the Cabinet:
https://ladoniaherald.com/?p=82 and it´s since this date working hard against the possible threats of foreign intelligence; and finally I had signed the peace with the USA https://ladoniaherald.com/?p=136 on the 28th of January 2006.
Daniel Jiménez
Vice President
Director of the CIL

Candidate in Ladonia Election 2007
Daniel Jiménez – he is living in Spain

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