Banknotes and poems

Minister of Future Science has designed two new banknotes for Ladonia celebrating Minister of Art & Jump, Fredrik Axwik, who now is temporary president, and Queen Ywonne I.

The new banknotes (1 Örtug is 1,25 $)

Prince and Minister James Hartman

Minister and poet laurette of Ladonia Chris Mansell has published a new poem. She is reading it here.

Staff Reports

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  1. Dear Fellow Ministers

    It has been a long time since I have visited my spiritual homeland of Ladonia but I have not forgotten it. Postman citizen and I often reminisce about times we imagine we have had in the beautiful green land. Here in the torrid outlands work goes on constructing edifices of words.I am touched that news of this latest recording has been mentioned in the Herald.

    I trust that you have not declared War on Australia while my attention has been elsewhere…

    with affectionate regard

    Summer Trollbinda
    Eternal Minister of Procrastination
    and Poet Launderette

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