No Ladonian protests or boycott against the Olympic Games in China

Ladonia will participate in the Olympic Games as usual. But just as usual Ladonians for example have the tradition of running clockwise in the stadium. It should in these days of multiculturalism cause no problems. Ladonia is respected.

In order to wipe away every suspicion about a Ladonian boycott, Minister Norbert made it clear: “Why Boycott? Why not just Girlcott the Olympics!”

The president of Ladonia, Fredrik Axwik, will not protest: “The President will not look at the Olympics. The President will not go to the opening ceremonies, and in any case he will not be wearing pants if he does go.”

He is not very interested in sports. Except a Ladonian and very interesting sport: Yack Track.

A member of the Ladonian Yack Olympic Track, Field and
Race team charged into the Beijing Olympic Stadium
today yelling “BUY 3 YAKS FOR THE PRICE OF
(Photo: Minister James Hartman)

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