A declaration from Admiral Pedro

Admiral Pedro, since many years admiral of Ladonia Navy and minister in the cabinet has proclaimed a state of emergency. It is not possible to say if the proclamation is valid or not. We are waiting for a reaction from the Ladonia Cabinet.


In pursuance of deliberations and decisions of Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces and Corps Commanders of Ladonian Army, Navy and Air Force, Invisible Police, Coast Guard and Fire fighters, I, Admiral Pedro, Grand Commodore of the Serenity Sea Fleet, Gran Capitan of Ladonia, Ambassador of Ladonia on the Moon, Knight of the Sacred Hammer with Steele nails, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and Chief of Army Staff proclaim Emergency throughout Ladonia and assume the office of the Chief Executive of the Remony of Ladonia.

I hereby order and proclaim as follows:

The Martial Law will be in effect today at 8:00PM EST;
The Constitution of Ladonia shall remain in abeyance;
The Secretary of State shall continue in office;
The President of Ladonia in Temporis shall continue in office;
The Presidential Elections results are suspended, invalidated and banned;
The Cabinet, the National Assembly, the Provincial Assemblies and Senate shall stand suspended;
The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Senate the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies shall stand suspended;
The Vice President, Prime Minister, the Federal Ministers, Ministers of Everything, Advisors to the Prime Minister, Parliamentary Secretaries, the Provincial Governors, the Provincial Chief Ministers, the Provincial Ministers and the Advisors to the Chief Ministers shall cease to hold office;
The Queen Ywonne should remain in Castle with her family;
The Dog Mohammed should remain under surveillance and arrest;
The whole of Ladonia will come under the control of the Armed Forces of Ladonia under the UNIQUE Command and Supervision of Commander Norbert!!!

This Proclamation shall come into force at once and be deemed to have taken effect on and 1st day of March, 2010.

Adm. Pedro

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  1. With the recent development, where infidels threaten the very foundation of Ladonia. I can’t do other than support Admiral Pedro.

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