SVT report: Tourist alarm from Nimis

Substantial increase in the number of visitors: "It has been chaotic"

Today, the Swedish newspaper SVT has reported the number of visitors at Nimis has increased significantly, and this has caused the administration at Kullaberg to roar away. The following is an English translation of the story as it appears at the SVT website.

We do not recommend going down to Nimis.

Jimena Castillo, project coordinator at nature conservation administration at Kullaberg

Last week, more than 5,000 cars parked at the car park closest to Nimis. During the same period last year, there were 3,700 parked cars. According to the county administrative board’s own measurement.

“There are a lot of people, a lot of visitors. A chaotic situation arises, because the number of places is limited. In addition, parked cars block other traffic,” says Per-Inge Persson, who works at the nature conservation administration at Kullaberg.

“We do not recommend going down to Nimis”
The nature conservation administration at Kullaberg believes that Nimis is not a safe place to visit.

“We’re worried. It is very complicated and difficult for us to handle. It is very steep to go down to Nimis, and then come families with children who are going down,” says Jimena Castillo.

The administration has now deployed parking guards to control the situation.

“We have about eight weeks as it is high season and a lot of people. Then there is a lot of traffic. And most people who park at that parking lot go to Nimis,” says Per-Inge Persson.

Nims is an artistic structure on the shores of Kullaberg, near Arild, made with driftwood and fallen timber by Lars Vilks, 1980–92.

Nimis is the only major work of art of the land art type made in Sweden, and it has attracted much attention. As it was built without a permit in a nature reserve, it has also been the subject of legal intervention and controversy.

Source: Nationalencyklopedin


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