PM Frans Brood issues message on International Women’s Day

Because today is International Women’s Day, we should pause and reflect critically on the state of equality between women and men in Ladonia and throughout the world. The inequality seen in the rest of the world is sobering, because in almost all areas – labor market, social dimensions, family – there can be no talk of equal opportunities for women. This is not the result of free decisions by women, but of structural discrimination and, not infrequently, of conscious political decisions. The government of Ladonia is expressly committed to equality between women and men, and that is precisely why it must be our goal to increase the proportion of women leaders and representation in our government in the future.

A society with equal rights can only succeed if women are not only highlighted on one day of the year, but are treated equally every day.

Let’s work on that. Together.

— Frans Brood, Prime Minister of Royal Republic of Ladonia

E. Nordström

Elsa Nordstrom brings an analytical perspective to her coverage of international law and global politics, and incorporates experiences from around the globe into her writing, drawing parallels and making connections that highlight the global relevance of local issues.

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