On the 31st of July 1980 the first pieces of driftwood were brought together; they were to become Nimis. Now, 2005, it is time to celebrate the 25 years. Nimis became the main departure for our nation Ladonia, founded in 1996.

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks was the artist behind Nimis and Arx, and the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He also served as Editor Emeritus the Ladonia Herald.

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  1. Good day to all from the Minister of Electronic Tech. and Madagascar

  2. Here we are together for the NIMIS 25 YEARS CELEBRATION.

    In Ladonia building on the elevated lofty side of Kullenberg Mountain down to the sea is quite impressive. The 12-meter tall Nimis is a commanding piece of art in a closed natural setting for 25 years!

    A major pinnacle of masterful artistic form created by Professor Lars Vilks!

    Thanks to his efforts my art has been seen in many different shows and exhibitions throughout Scandinavia and also appearing world wide on the internet via the Herald news.

    For example “Omfalos” at MoMA my pictures on this appeared at The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm in 2004!

    Or “Nimis 25 Years” shown at Gallery Tapper-Popermajer in Malmo with pictures and my video advertisement for Vilks 8 cm Glass Omfalos in 2004.

    Also my sculpture of wooden tooth picks produced “Monster Nimis”. Shown at Castle Chistineholf in the South of Sweden in 2003.

    The events are becoming seemingly endless, even some of my art appearing in the press in Germany and Scandinavia when reference is made to Nimis, Omfalos, or Arx.

    But the most impressive thing for me thus far was when
    part of my art & bio appeared in his 2003 hard cover book;

    “Myndigheterna som konstnärligt material. Den långa historien om Nimis, Arx, Omfalos och Ladonien.” or

    “Nature and the Authorities as Artistic Material”

    My experience in art & science perception has evolved through participation on projects with Lars in new and alternative creativity, even sporadic ways with astonishing results.

    The idea of a new nation we know as Ladonia can be proud of its history thus far. It has worked!

    We have the best Remony on Earth.

    — Prince James von Hartman, Eternal Minister of Future Science

  3. This is a proud day for Ladonia. We remain on our 25th birthday, free, proud and interactive. The citizens of our nation live in many countries on most continents.
    All are committed to the free expression of human creativity and, above all, to silliness whenever possible. We measure our freedom by our ability to switch to seriousness when warranted but not to be trapped by seriousness. Our founder, Lars Vilks, began a great and wondrous thing 25 years ago when he constructed the first of the structures which now dominate the landscape of our native shore. Ladonia is unique among the nations on this Earth in that it exists in reality and in cyber space. Only an artist of great vision and depth could have accomplished what our State Secretary has done. Only such a vision could have attracted the skill and talent of countless “invisible” folk who have made our cyber nation what it is today. I salute all of you, known and unknown, heard and unheard.
    Lisa, Minister for Mythological Beings and Sentient Inanimates

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