Minister of Alien is back

The Ladonia cabinet and of course the Ladonia citizens welcome Alexander, minister of aliens, back after many years. He has again taken his seat in the cabinet. You will find him in person in Berlin. One of his tasks is to find new aliens for Ladonia. Here is some examples.

Lisa, minister of mythological beasts, and situated in Ohio, has been away from the cabinet for quite some time. She is also back.

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  1. Dear minister Lisa. I would like to know more about Ladon’s flu. That is really breaking news with you as the very hero.

  2. This is the thanks I get? Ladon, our beloved predecessor, whom I’ve nursed through the reptilian/sauran flu?! Do any of you know what that’s like? Okay, sure, he’s old now but still… you think there are veteranarians for Ladon’s kind? Wow.
    –Lisa, etcetera

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