A few word from the President of Ladonia

I think in the current context is the situation in Ladonia block.

Indeed, you are aware the success of micronations by the model of the Principality of Sealand who came from nothing to success. Today I want to bring to Ladonia, artistic representation and nature you want to give. It is true that the micronation aspect allows the creation of a community often misinformed about art.

We must now take seriously Ladonia, we need a political process that corresponds to the image – republican monarchy to democratic value, a new government plan. We need to revise the Constitution (some items) and especially the cabinet that houses everything and anything and inactivity allow contrary however the values of man and nature. Nature remains active. It is outrageous to me that is the legal right to ascertain the absence of dialogue between ministries and Chairman and President and royal family. This clearly shows the instability of the “Ladonia”.

Today, my election is not a coincidence as some claim, contest an election is put in doubt democracy. I planned over the coming months, if you finally agreeing to implement a renewal giving me access to the WebSite of Ladonia and Ladonia New Herald and a authorization policy overhaul indeed I am still working on my project Festival of Art and Culture, a project with several groups of artists who argue Ladonia, a webtv, a development of the store, creating in the label our nation a film about art, video games, arts and sports project, social network etc. …. I am ambitious, determined, Ladonia to be a community gathering. Despite my respect for some many in the government of Ladonia, I get only contempt.

The President of Ladonia

Festival of Art and Culture:

Today is a day important. Nous celebrate the first Festival of Art and Culture in Ladonia. All citizens are invited to celebrate the love of our nation. We are the people of nature, art and culture. We are all unique and we are strong. To start the festival, thank Lars Vilks the founder of our beautiful city Nimis and Arx. I invited you to watch two videos symbol of discovery and passion for our nation: and

Thank you to you,
The President of Ladonia

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